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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Channeling Dodger Blues: Dodgers 9, Padres 6

We replaced today's normal ranting and raving with a replacement column from Dodger Blues. Can any readers tell the difference?

Ishii Ishitty, Dodgers Win Anyway

Look, you're a Dodger fan, right? That means you know what September's all about: the team taking a dump all over you, while Tracy scratches his butt. No matter how good they look in April, no matter how good they look in August, there's one thing surer than Tommy Lasorda's third helping of lasagna, and that's a 0-20 finish. Don't let this win fool you into thinking they're gonna pull it out. Ishii didn't even last long enough to qualify as one of Britney Spears' publicity-stunt husbands. And to top it all off, Goggle Boy couldn't go through two innings without giving up a couple runs, making his sweaty, 2,000 year old cap even smellier than it was before. No wonder nobody talks to him before he comes in. Brazoban got the win after pitching two, and we here at Dodger Blues take a moment to salute the guy, a rare bright spot in a crumbling Dodger lineup. Better to do it now before Carrara gives him pitching tips, and his 0.93 ERA goes up to about 152.00.


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