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Thursday, September 23, 2004

We Interrupt Our Mourning For This Shawn Green Alert

Shawn Green, it turns out, has decided to sit out Saturday's game in observance of Yom Kippur. Fine for him; but unlike Jon, I can't get the whole business of a religion that inserts itself in the middle of a pennant race. I quote now from the other scriptures, those of the late H. L. Mencken, who thought often about such matters, and expressed his conclusions, which agree with my own, in a far better way than I could ever hope to:
... it seems to me sheer vanity for any man to hold his religious views too firmly, or to submit to any inconvenience on account of them. It is far better, if they happen to offend, to conceal them discreetly, or to change them amiably as the delusions of the majority change. My own views in this department, being wholly skeptical and tolerant, are obnoxious to the subscribers to practically all other views; even atheists sometimes denounce me. At the moment, by an accident of American political history, these dissenters from my theology are forbidden to punish me for not agreeing with them. But at any succeeding moment some group or other among them may seize such power and proceed against me in the immemorial manner. If it ever happens, I give notice here and now that I shall get converted to their nonsense instantly, and so retire to safety with my right thumb laid against my nose and my fingers waving like wheat in the wind. I'd do it even today, if there were any practical advantage in it. Offer me a box of good Havana cigars, and I engage to submit to baptism by any rite ever heard of, provided it does not expose my gothic nakedness. Make it ten boxes, and I'll agree to be both baptized and confirmed.

I think its really funny that people think Shawn Green not playing is going to somehow hurt the team. The guy is a total bust.
Frankly, I think the Dodgers would have a better chance if Green skipped both games. They have plenty of others who can amply replace the weak ground ball to the right side with two out and runners on base.

I do find it amusing though that one writer pointed out that he found it interesting that Green found religion against the left hander. I'm not sure it's even true as I don't know for wure who is pitching that game.


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