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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Season's Over

Congratulations to the Giants and A's on their pending wins of their respective divisions. Both the Angels and Dodgers unraveled playing their division inferiors tonight, and both came unglued on starting pitching. I was at Angel Stadium tonight and wondering when Mike would pull Bart; six runs later in the third I got my answer.

I'm too tired of both teams' apathy to care myself. Penny fell apart after throwing 75 pitches and "experiencing discomfort in his pitching arm" in the fourth. This time if it's his arm or something similar that could have been detected in a physical, DePodesta indeed deserves to be hung.

The Giants will have the division lead by Friday, and it will be the Dodgers' last sight of the postseason this year. The Dodgers don't have anything left in the tank; neither do the Angels.

You call yourself a fan?

The A's continue to lose. I think Scioscia let them get clobbered so they'll get their act together and sweep this weekend's series; if so, they've got first!
I can most certainly attest that he is very much a fan. He's just an extreme pessimist.

Though I do find it odd that an anonymous commenter would question the backbone of someone who posts their opinions under their real name.

And the presumption that a manager would let a game get away to teach the team a lesson when they're involved in a close race this late in the season is ridiculous.

-Helen, Rob's wife
What the *bleep* are you congratulating the A's for? What makes you think the A's have any desire to win this division?

Congratulate Texas, if anyone. If the A's and Angels take turns losing to each other (neither team's gonna win, it's just a matter of who isn't sucking as much), Texas can just beat up on Seattle and win the division.
Don't worry, the A's will pull out of their slump. They always do.

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