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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Heartbreaks By The Score

Reds 2, Cubs 1

Mark Prior strikes out 16, Sammy Sosa ties Harmon Killebrew on the all-time homers list, and still they fall to the Reds. Once again the bullpen explodes, with Remlinger giving up the game-winner. The winning pitcher, Juan Padilla, had a 12.71 ERA going into today's game.

To get to the postseason now, the Cubs must hope all the other contenders melt down equally badly and that they can sweep the Braves.


Rangers 6, Angels 3

Absolutely, positively expected. No way do we sweep the Rangers, and not with Jeckyll-and-Lackey on the mound. The good news? Well, Kotchman got a hit. Vlad continued hitting well, with two homers on the day. But none of it mattered, as Rangers pitching just didn't give up a lot of baserunners.


Athletics 3, Mariners 2

As I mentioned yesterday, it's entirely possible that the A's loss of the division lead was just the spark they needed. Now it's a knife fight to the finish in their house starting tomorrow. This come-from-a-tie has to make them feel pretty good about their chances, especially getting a solo shot from Rookie-of-the-Year candidate Bobby Crosby.



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