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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Drag Outfit Saves Pitcher

Cleveland rookie pitcher Kyle Denney was saved from more serious injury by the USC cheerleader outfit he was wearing as part of the usual rookie hazing ritual. Two shots were fired into his team bus:
"[The players] heard a loud pop, and Ludwick felt something," [team spokesman Bart] Swain said. "Then Kyle eventually felt a burning sensation in his right calf. He didn't know what it was, but he reached down and saw blood."

Team trainers Lonnie Soloff and Rick Jameyson were able to remove the bullet on the bus.

Oddly enough, Denney was dressed in a USC cheerleader's outfit during the incident as part of the team's yearly ritual for rookies. The outfit, which included a blonde wig and knee-high boots, might have actually saved Denney from further injury, Swain said.

"Because of the boot, the bullet didn't go far into his calf," Swain said. "So that helped him. When Lonnie and Rick opened the boot, the bullet pretty much popped right out."

6-4-2, always on the side of tolerance and enlightenment, endorses such behavior, especially when it saves a life, a career, a season, or even a couple games. Cleveland, of course, has an exemplary history in this department, taking in all kinds of unusual talent at times when such moves might seem less-than-seemly.

The outfit got an (audio only) discussion on our late local news out here, and one of our female anchors said "imagine the embarrassment of going into the ER wearing those clothes."

In retrospect, I wonder if she didn't make the cheerleading squad in high school.

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