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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

OT: "They Walked Away Flipping Us The Bird"

Cingular is about to absorb the carcass of AT&T Wireless. It's not like the former Ma Bell unit couldn't see it coming. Once number portability kicked in, everyone -- myself included -- who was an AT&T Wireless customer became an ex-customer:
Years of substandard customer care, spotty coverage and dropped calls had taken their toll.

"The line from the company was that we lost those people out of bad luck," said a regional sales manager. "But they walked away flipping us the bird. They aggressively walked away from us. They couldn't wait to get away from us."

By the spring, it was obvious not only that AT&T Wireless was hemorrhaging customers but also that rivals, especially No. 1 carrier Verizon Wireless, were snapping them up. Customers were making a choice, and that choice was not AT&T Wireless.

For the record, Verizon is a huge improvement over AT&T Wireless. I almost never drop calls anymore -- though the cell tower at my office sometimes will give me half a call -- I can hear the other side of the call but they can't hear me. AT&T's answer to me whenever I had problems with dropped calls was "buy a new phone". They were actually really good when they were LA Cellular, but as AT&T, service declines and a newfound unwillingness to listen made worse by changes to their voice menu system made the choice to leave a no-brainer.

If you haven't switched already, it's well past time to do so.


I've had similar experiences with anything that has the AT&T name on it, whether it be broadband, long distance, or overpriced cordless phones from Best Buy. Never again!

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