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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

It's Just Part Of The Show, Folks

Reminding myself that it's all just entertainment -- adirectional notes not necessarily related to baseball --

For Sale: Sentient, Insane, Homicidal Computer

The Cinerama 160 degree Fairchild-Curtis lens used to represent the HAL 9000 computer in the sci-fi classic, 2001: A Space Odyssey, is available for sale on eBay. Most of the other props used for the film have subsequently been destroyed; the current bid is $150,000. As a friend of mine remarked when I alerted her to this breaking story, "The first time my toaster oven tries to take over my house, I'm unplugging the damn thing!"

The Infinite Cat Project

Okay, now this is silly. (An explanation of said silliness can be found here.)

Jeeves Loses Weight

askjeeves.com, one of the Internet's many search engines and a contractor for the company I work for, changed their eponymous mascot, the butler Jeeves:

Jeeves, before New Jeeves

Not only has he lost weight, he's tan and got a nose job. Sadly, along with the site redesign, the answer to an easter egg question about Jeeves' recreational preferences was lost; the new answer has far less charm and is, in keeping with their new focus on profitability, basely commercial.

Notes On Richard's Pitching Roundup

I couldn't help but notice Richard's pitching preview; I had a couple comments which were too long for the comment section.

Alvarez Out

Wilson Alvarez, who replaced the ineffective Ishii in the rotation, tweaked his left hamstring. He will miss his next start, and the ineffective Ishii will replace him. No comment.

DePodesta's Folly

While coming home from the Hollywood Bowl last night (the traffic getting there was ungodly terrible, the traffic leaving amazingly light), I turned on the Dodger Talk show to hear a caller Steve mention that some-scout-or-other had resigned because DePodesta had decided to trade for injury risk Brad Penny over his advice to the contrary. Well, what should we find in the Times today but reportage on the same issue:
"There's probably a bad joke in here about getting documentation like CBS News before people say some of the things they've said, but it doesn't really bother me," said DePodesta, accompanying the team in San Diego. "I know my conversations, I know our thought process, I know what went on and I know what our plans were. If people want to speculate on what we were doing and why were doing it, I can't let that bother me."

Among the criticisms of DePodesta is that Penny — who last started Aug. 8 because of a nerve problem in his right biceps — did not undergo a physical before the trade.

As I said earlier, this trade will be the one for which DePodesta gets pilloried. Ironically, it was exactly because he foresaw a starting rotation meltdown (which the team is undergoing) that he acquired Penny in the first place. You just can't please some people, I swear.

I'm right there with you on K-Rod, but I'm resigned to the fact that he'll be the closer.
In the grand scheme of things, the Lo Duca-Mota/Penny-Choi trade isn't making much of a difference. Lo Duca's offense has been made up for by Finley. Mota has been ably replaced by Brazoban.

What are the chances of Choi getting a Yom Kippur start?

OK, stop laughing. We all know it will be the Saentura.

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