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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


No. It’s not over. Any game now, the pitchers can return to being their adequate selves.
So why does it feel over, Jon?

I just don't have anything to add anymore. I need to take a break from this garbage. The Angels are playing badly (and AK's done for the season), the Dodgers seem to have forgotten there's 162 games in a season -- is this team really built to only win in 154? -- and neither team acts like they want to win.

Enough, already. If the Dodgers choke, it'll be the worst collapse since the "Giants win the pennant!" year of 1951. You can also be certain Paul DePodesta, rightly or wrongly, will be hung out on the Dodger Stadium parking lot along with effigies of Paul LoDuca and Guillermo Mota.


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