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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Pickoff Moves

God, I Love This Town

Even the streetcorners come with instructions.

Blog Updates

In the same category, Supermodel Personals has a mess of new stuff up. And Tyler redesigned Athletics Nation very nicely, too.

Plaschke's An Idiot

But that shouldn't pass for news, right? Here he bags on DePo's trades again, only this time -- get this -- because the bullpen is "overtaxed". Well, duh, that's why he got a starter. Moron.

Fortunately, I saw Plaschke's story before I had my coffee, eliminating the possibility of the Danny Thomas spit take.

Plaschke is unaware of the fact that Mota has a higher ERA in Florida than Brazoban does in L.A. And Mota is 1-3 while Brazoban is 3-1 although W-L for a reliever isn't all that important.
I saw the article this morning and was ready to regurgitate in my malt-o-meal. (Quaker Oats Oatmeal--For this diet, I need some grain, and its O.K.! I have so far managed to stay off any bread since I saw you guys last! It will be three weeks without flour and sugar on Tuesday.)

If you want to get a real laugh, read his column for Friday Nights game. He pumps more air then a Texas politician.

It will be a great day when they fire Plaschke. A great day, and it will signify that the LA Times Sports is on its way to becoming a good paper.

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