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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Dodgers 7, Giants 4

So I say D
I say D-O,
The team that's all heart,
All heart and all thumbs,
They're my Los Angeles, your Los Angeles,
Our Los Angeles...
Do you think we'll really win the pennant?
Ooh, ooh, ooh dem bums.
Did I overreact back on Wednesday? Well. I have two tickets to the Division Series (thanks, Helen!) that I might -- might -- get to use. It's stuff like today's game that makes you believe, no matter how ridiculous it feels after they lose a home series to the Padres, that the Bums could maybe pull one out. A brilliant game by Jeffy -- and a quality start to boot -- along with good pitching to the very end, and critical -- amazing, even -- homers from Werth and Cora. Green got respect -- or was it wobbly pitching that landed him four walks? In all, the Dodgers got an astonishing eight walks on top of their seven hits. OBP wins ballgames, kids, but the Good-Luck-Bad-Luck Fairy seemed to be bopping the Dodgers with each at bat and sometimes each pitch. Example: The Dodgers would eventually load the bases, and Shawn Green would walk in a run.

Yeah, it was that kind of an afternoon for the Giants, who just couldn't assemble themselves. Tomko, who threatened to become Cy Young against the Dodgers, instead got chased after four and two thirds. Jeffy did the minimum to qualify for a quality start -- three runs in six innings -- with Duaner Sanchez, Giovanni Carrara and Gagné working to polish off the Giants.

What a game. What a series.

Magic number: 5



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