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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

2005 HOF Ballots Released

On MLB.com, the HOF ballots have been released; the top name is Wade Boggs, who is considered a lock. The complete list follows. The player's Jamesian Hall of Fame Monitor score is posted if available. Scores of 100 and up are considered a good bet, 130 and up are an almost certain lock.
on Ballot
HoF ScoreComments
Jim Abbott1
Bert Blyleven8120
Wade Boggs1268
Tom Candiotti1
Dave Concepcion12106
Chili Davis1
Andre Dawson4118
Steve Garvey13130Forget it. Here's why.
Rich Gossage6126
Tommy John11111I think he's a borderline case, but you could argue that Frank Jobe's career-resurrecting surgery should almost be enough to nudge him over the line. It won't happen
Mark Langston164
Don Mattingly5133
Jack McDowell1
Willie McGee1
Jeff Montgomery174
Jack Morris6122
Dale Murphy7115
Otis Nixon1
Dave Parker9125
Tony Phillips1
Jim Rice11146
Ryne Sandberg3157
Lee Smith3136
Terry Steinbach1
Darryl Strawberry1
Bruce Sutter1291
Alan Trammell4118

Baseball Prospectus also has a few things to say about these guys.


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