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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Pickoff Moves, Get Back To Work, You Edition

Postseason Shares Announced

In case you were wondering how much everyone got, postseason shares have been announced; the Angels received $25,138.15. "The Angels awarded 43 full shares, 17 partial shares and nine cash awards." For the Dodgers: "(Share of Players' Pool: $1,265,959.21; Value of each full share: $24,473.40) The Dodgers awarded 44 full shares, 22 partial shares and three cash awards." World Series winners Boston got $223,619.79, awarding 58 full shares, 29 partial shares and eight cash awards.

No word on rumors George Steinbrenner received a lump of coal in his stocking, regardless.

Angels, Meet Sawbones

Tim Salmon and Brendan Donnelly went under the knife. Donnelly will be ready in time for spring training, but Salmon is expected to be out nine months. Lessee... carry the one... that's August. Uh, Tim...

KCAL 9 New Home Of The Dodgers Through 2013

What have they done to deserve it? I just don't know. Nary a word about HDTV.

Meltin' Milton

Milton Bradley arrested? And he asked for it? Say it ain't so...

Giants Sign Armando Benitez

So much for hoping for a reappearance of Dustin Hermanson in late innings. The Giants signed Armando Benitez, to a three-year, $21M contract. How's this for an absurd wrinkle:
Contract guru Ned Colletti's creativity -- and Benitez's willingness to negotiation freely -- made the deal work. Colletti said the contract is spread out over five years, with the lowest salary in 2005. It increases every year thereafter and includes yearly portions of a signing bonus that runs two years after the pact is over.
In other words, they're backloading his signing bonus. Well, in two years Bonds is a pumpkin, anyway.

Not Even Wal-Mart Is That Cost-Conscious

On the Pirates website, regarding the begged-for signing of Tino Martinez:
There isn't much else on the free agent market at first base beyond Martinez. After Richie Sexson and Carlos Delgado, both of whom are way out of the Bucs' price range, Brad Fullmer, Tony Clark, Travis Lee and John Olerud are the top first sackers available on the market at the time of this writing.
Brad Fullmer? Brad Fullmer, who had 258 AB's and a .233/.310/.442 line? Brad Fullmer, who the Rangers used as a DH? Brad Fullmer, who had the temerity to criticize Scioscia after Mike did him a favor by keeping him away from lefties.


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