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Sunday, January 30, 2005

El Ladrón Hace El Gordo

Thanks to Raul for passing along a picture that originally appeared in full in this Diario Libre story; apparently, Bartolo continues to gain weight and hasn't been working out at all this offseason. Raul says "he looks like a softball player, his belly looks like is going to blowout his uniform and the letters will explode with every movement he makes, I think weight problems will shorten his career." A lot of pitchers carry around extra weight to no ill effect (e.g. Roger Clemens, Curt Schilling, and toward the end of his career, Nolan Ryan), but Colon hasn't shown himself worthy of the contract he's been given with the Angels, so the extra weight is a legitimate concern. If the Angels feign ignorance of his play in the Dominican, perhaps they can also feign ignorance when he shows up at camp yet another 20 lbs heavier. But hey, at least the Aguilas won...El Ladrón puts on a few pounds

I don't know. That picture isn't at a great angle, and his jersey looks awfully baggy. Can't say one way or the other based on that. Though Raul has never steered us wrong before...

It is nice to see Bart putting out some effort, however. That’s not something we saw a whole lot of last season.
Sure the shirt is very wide, but his face is biiiiiig, and you should see him on TV, and you'll agree with me

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