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Sunday, January 30, 2005

More On Vero Beach GM Emily Christy

A couple weeks ago, Steve Henson of the Times wrote about Emily Christy, the woman now general managing (is that a verb?) the Dodgers' Vero Beach operation. (Jon, of course, already blogged about it.) Now, a slightly different story on this from the Boston Globe, in which we discover she's got a rather impressive resume: "History major at Princeton, class of 1998. Dabbled in law, working as a paralegal for the district attorney in New York City and a private law firm. Went back to school at Georgetown to take some classes she needed for med school. Opted instead for a job in an MIT lab doing cancer genetics research, while helping to run the New England Women's Baseball League, in which she also played." It never hurts to have smart people all along the way, and the more, the merrier.

As much as I love the Dodgers, I still think I would prefer Emily to work on a cure for cancer.
Well, two points on that consideration:

1) Maybe she enjoys being a GM more than doing oncology research. We have a friend with a PhD in pharmacology who does clinical cancer studies on new drugs. It requires a profoundly iron psychology to work in that field, simply because you have to resign yourself to a large number of patients dying. Not everyone can take it.

2) Researchers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering in Manhattan believe they have found the master on-off switch for cancer cells, sort of a universal cure for cancer. If true, a lot of researchers will be happily without work very shortly.
this is from Brendan:
Wow, Rob that's all around great news. keep up the great work

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