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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Pickoff Moves

Simers Endears Himself To The Dodgers Front Office

Gadfly T.J. Simers has managed to get himself ejected from Dodger Stadium, principally for publishing the Dodgers' front office number. For posterity, it's 323-224-1500, but I can get away with it. It's just one of the many advantages of running a blog: if a Frank falls in the forest, there's not much by way of retaliation he can do to me for saying so.

It's A Different Kind Of "Connect"

Reading this story in the Daily News, I began to wonder, given the kinds of letters published in the Times, whether "connect" didn't mean a roundhouse to the nose. "I think it's important for fans to know that ownership cares," said Frank. While I'm not one of those who thinks DePo needs to be strung up from whichever eucalyptus tree in the Dodger Stadium parking lot is closest, there is a case to be made that DePo simply got blindsided by the offseason rush. But since Frank's responsibility pretty much ends at okaying the payroll -- at least, so we believe, for I can't imagine him cooking up the LoDuca/Mota/Penny/Choi trade on his own -- you'd think the fans upset at the offseason moves would have few beefs with Frank. Dodger payroll indeed approaches the magic $100M mark, proof against "cheap Frank" cries. To his credit, Frank's willingness to catch flak for the perceived failings of his GM is a noble gesture, and should be applauded accordingly.

Dodgers Print 'Em Yourself Tickets

Well, is this the coolest thing ever or what? I know I'll be using it. Arte, you need to do this. Very sweet.

No Love For The LAAoA

Mike Waldner in the Daily Breeze wails on Arte for the dumbness of the LAAoA name change, but all he's able to come up with is the Aztecs of the defunct North American Soccer League as a reason not to make the (ghastly, grating, overlong) alteration. (Sounds like they had more problems than just worrying about where they were playing.) Since this change is mainly in place to attract the attention of advertising sponsors, the jury's still out on how well it will work; but for me, I'm skeptical. Win, or go back to the good and proper name. You know, the one they won a World Series with.

Cubs Talking To Robb Nen

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the Cubs are talking to Robb Nen, the paper noting that "Nen wouldn't be physically ready to open the season, but he could be a factor later in the year." What that means is, his contract would prevent them from actually getting somebody who could help them.


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