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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Weaver Talks "Getting Serious"

Well, heck. The Times says the Angels' talks with Jered Weaver are just now getting "serious", and "both sides hope will result in the former Long Beach State ace's signing before the start of spring training in February."
Neither agent Scott Boras nor Angel General Manager Bill Stoneman would elaborate, but Boras confirmed Friday that they had spoken by phone several times this week and would have face-to-face meetings "shortly."
More on this from Rich, who backs off his earlier assertion that a $10.5M/5 year guaranteed major league contract for Weaver is reasonable (!).
Also in that same Times article: an observation that Washburn could encounter Jose Guillen when the two teams meet in interleague. Washburn spoke out against Guillen after the latter's September 25th helmet-chucking episode. Hint: have good control that day, Wash.

I only said it wasn't unreasonable for Boras and Weaver to ask for $10.5m. However, when push comes to shove, it wouldn't be unreasonable to accept somewhat less than that if Weaver decides he wants to pitch for the Angels rather than some other team.

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