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Monday, January 24, 2005

WTNY: Final Top 1-100 Prospects

Again, Wait Til Next Year has finished their top 100 list. Jon already has a summary of the Dodgers on the list, so I won't bother with those, but I will put up all Angels prospects on his list. (Here are my previous comments on his list entries for 45-31 and 75-61.)

5. Dallas McPherson

... Mike Scioscia is going to have to accept a few things about his third basemen this year. First of all, he’s going to strikeout…a lot. Second, his defense is a far cry from what Troy Glaus offered in his prime, and signiciantly closer to Chone Figgins’ offerings in the playoffs. And third, that Dallas is going to tear the cover off the ball, making the Angels decision to let Glaus go the right one.

6. Casey Kotchman- 1B- Anaheim Angels- 22

If nothing else, you have to respect Terry Ryan . In the middle of the season, and the middle of the pennant race, he dealt his most vocal leader in Doug Mientkiewicz. Replacing him was Justin Morneau, a first base prospect with huge power, even a surer bet than Kotchman. So to even out a Nomar Garciaparra trade that just could not get agreed to, Ryan traded a valuable player for a pitching prospect. A bold move, no doubt, but in a system with this much depth, not too gutsy an opportunity. It looks as if Kotchman, ready for the Majors in every facet of the game, will start the season in AAA, before moving to the Majors later in the year. This will take a Terry Ryan-like move from the Twins, not likely given their conservative front office, along with Anaheim’s love for Erstad. Darin should switch positions or teams by year’s end, literally putting the ball in Casey’s court.


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