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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Pickoff Moves

Rangers 3, Angels 2

If you'd told me Wash was going to give up a run over six innings against the Rangers, I'd've sprayed my Diet Coke and assumed we won the game. No such luck, as the predicted bullpen regression hit in full force last night, with chronic nobody Bret Prinz coughing up a home run to Alfonso Soriano, who made up for an awful defensive play earlier in the game. Still, despite the relative quietude of the Angels' bats, it was a good, taut game and proof enough that the Rangers won't go down this year as anybody's patsies.


Beat On The Brat: Dodgers 10, Giants 4

Valentin beat 'em up real good last night, going 3-4 with a three-run homer off Jason Christianson. In general, the Giants' bullpen was as bad as last year's version, and this despite Felipe Alou's one-game suspension, this for an episode in a game last year. (It was his first suspension ever, and from what I've heard and seen of him, he's one of the good guys in the game.) Reuter didn't do too badly for himself, though, with two earned runs in five innings, while OP managed one in six on a very economical 86 pitches. OP must have thought he had been traded with all that run support; at times, last year it seemed he'd get ten runs in ten starts.

Brazoban, however, clearly wasn't ready to close, giving up a walk, two hits, and three runs in 0.1 IP, and so the final nails were dispensed by Master Carlyle. We can't get Gagné back soon enough, though he did manage to show enough fire off the mound that umpire Bill Hohn ejected him. Of all the crazy stuff!


Rivera Blows Four Straight


Glaus, Green, Cruz Blow Out Cubs As Diamondbacks Roll To 8-3 Win

Helen kept watching this one through her fingers; Troy Glaus was only a single shy of hitting for the cycle, and former Dodger Shawn Green went 2-4 with 2 RBI. Brandon Webb was nails, giving up two earned runs in 6.0 IP. If the Snakes keep playing like this, it's clear they'll have to be taken seriously this year.

It's only the Cubs and their bandaged pitching staff. We'll get to test their renaissance this weekend. That said, the Dodgers can't afford to take the Snakes lightly. Almost a fifth of their victories came out of Zona so if they want to repeat, they are going to have to put foot to tail.

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