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Monday, April 25, 2005


Commenter William in the comments on a previous post asked whether Lowe's wife is indeed named Trinka. It's absolutely true. Here's a picture of them together in Fenway after the Sox won the World Series:

Trinka and Derek Lowe

I was going to make a snarky comment a la the one I made for Scott Erickson and Lisa Guerrero, but with the situations somewhat reversed. Yes, it's true that Mrs. Lowe isn't exactly my taste (ahem!), but I'll refrain from saying too much now that Lowe's got a 1.27 ERA in four starts and 28.1 IP. God knows the Dodgers need him more than we need to look at his wife. Besides, you can't do much better than saying, "I just want you guys to know it's going to be Jackie Robinson Day every day I pitch from now on." Hell yeah!

I googled her up after I saw that post, and that's the picture that came up. Meh.
After Lowe signed with LA, I linked this picture over at Baseball Primer. I noted that his wife was "lacking the qualities of a Mrs. Lima"
I guess I'd take the win anyway. She's so ... wholesome. (Actually, she resembles my sister a bit.) Now, Mrs. Kris Benson... sure, she's hot'n'all, but she scares the crap outta me. For some reason, she reminds me too much of a better-looking version of the Glenn Close character in Fatal Attraction.
Could be worse-- her name could be Bunga or Picca or Tupa...
What in the name of Snuffaluffagus is up with Trinka's skirt in that picture? It looks something like a collision between a rainbow and a fashion designer on crack.

Money can't buy you love, but it should be able to buy you some good apparel advice. Trinka honey, Daddy Derek has just signed for some major moolah with the Dodgers...why doncha take a trip down Rodeo Drive and buy yourself somethin' nice? Or, failing that, you could just burn that skirt. Please.
A friend of mine and I were in a restaurant in Houston last week and noticed that Lowe was being accompanied by a HOT Texas blonde.... about a foot shorter than him, with an AMAZING bod. He is certainly trading up if that's what's happening. Way to go Derek, but please don't take her out of Texas!
Hopefully she had better fashion sense than Trinka.
Dude, she was unbelievable. Everyone in the room (not just Lowe) could not take their eyes off her. There is no comparison. Seriousy, Trinka is not even in her league. Atta boy, Derek.
Dude, his wife wasn't even in the same league, and if Derek is serious about the Texas chick, Trinka will need to start packing because there wouldn't even be a competition.

When they walked into the place, every head turned and we weren't looking at Lowe's ring I can assure you.
...Atta boy, Derek.

...Way to go Derek

Are you serious? He has kids with Trinket, Trinka... whatever. I couldn't wish that on any child.


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