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Friday, May 20, 2005

Note To D-Mac: Don't Panic

The Press-Enterprise has an article about D-Mac wherein somebody-or-other is concerned that he isn't Troy Glaus. Oh, fooey; of course he is Troy Glaus, just not the 2005 version. Let's look at D-Mac's ESPN stats page for his career to date versus Troy Glaus's 1998 rookie year Retrosheet.
  Player     AB       Line        K  BB  HR
Glaus       117  .231/.298/.316  35  12   1
McPherson   118  .220/.270/.373  42   8   4
Not too bad, considering, and really fairly similar, if a little more strikeout-prone and a little more homer prone. That is, don't panic, kid. Some of us know better. You may not be Troy Glaus in 2005, but you look an awful lot like him back in 1998.


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