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Friday, May 20, 2005

Bonds Moves To 60-Day; Career Threatened?

Barry Bonds was moved to the 60-day DL, but it's only meaningful so the team can pull up another player, as Marquis Grissom also goes onto the 15-day DL. (Bonds' stay is retroactive from the beginning of the season.) Utilityman Brian Dallimore was called up to replace Bonds on the 25-man.

Thanks to Bob Timmermann on today's gameday thread (see comment 27) for providing this Chicago Daily Herald story about Bonds. All star Dale Murphy says the infection could be career-ending:

“If it’s a staph infection in Bonds’ knee — which is what’s been reported — my opinion is he won’t be back this year, and maybe his career is over,’’ the soft-spoken Murphy said Thursday from his car in Utah, where he was en route to his son’s baseball game.

“Two weeks ago, they went back into his knee to address some infection problems and then he’s on intravenous antibiotics around the clock?

“That raises a lot of red flags. Typically, they drain your knee and culture that fluid to make sure there’s no infection, but in my case it didn’t show up and it was still getting worse and swelling like crazy.

“So they went back in and took some tissue samples, and that’s where the staph came up, deep inside the knee tissue.’’

And by then, for all intents and purposes, it already was too late.

“The problem is when it’s in the knee, in the joint, it eats away the cartilage and the soft knee tissue wherever it goes,’’ Murphy said. “I lost some cartilage and basically the result of the infection was arthritis. I was never the same.

“If it did compromise his knee, it damaged the cartilage, and you can’t fix that.’’


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