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Monday, May 09, 2005

Pickoff Moves, Frustrated And Annoyed Edition

You Want A Rejoinder? Here It Is

In the ongoing slugfest between Rich Lederer (who questions whether strikeouts can justifiably be called a good thing so long as the batter can hit the ball hard elsetimes) and Nate Silver, we now add this cue shot from The Fourth Outfielder:
The conclusion I have come to is that TTO hitters that make it as MLB regulars are simply better hitters than contact hitters that do the same. This is not the same thing as saying TTO hitters are better hitters than contact hitters (though it is certainly possible that is also true). I think it is just that Batting Average continues to be overvalued relative to OBP and SLG. As a result, a player that puts the ball in play frequently can maintain a much lower BABIP and other peripherals than those hitters that strikeout frequently. Put another way, it is probably the case that striking out should be far more tolerated by management than it currently is.
Rich, the ball's in your court.

Tigers Disable Percy

The other day, I wondered how many good outings Troy Percival has left. It seems he left something on the field Saturday, because the Tigers disabled him today, for forearm problems. He is on the 15-day DL, but is expected to miss 4-6 weeks with a "partial tear of his right flexor pronator muscle mass" according to Dr. Lewis Yocum, the Angels' chief physician.

An MLBlogs Observation

Today around 8:00 PM PDT, I tried to access Tommy Lasorda's blog, but got an access error, and this went on for a number of minutes, so I gave up. Let's see: MLBlogs is run by MLB, so there are almost certainly going to be content restrictions, if not now, then in the future -- just like the fan forums, which started out fairly liberal, but then you couldn't add IMG tags (images), then you couldn't do HTML at all, then you couldn't even add URLs.

Oh, and it's unreliable. And you have to pay for it.

Tell me again, why should I sign up?

Beltre Warms Up

Following an 0-16 streak against the Angels, Adrian Beltre has started to crawl out of his funk with a 6-15 streak against the Red Sox and Yankees. That puts him at .242/.274/.359 on the season, which is kind of approaching respectability.

I Couldn't Make This Stuff Up: Santiago To The M's?

No, but they pay the guys at ESPN to do so, with Rumorwriter Central (AKA ESPN Insider) speculating that Benito Santiago might end up in the Mariners organization. He was lately released by the Pirates after he refused a minor league assignment following a trip to the DL due to a viral infection; the newly resurgent Dave Ross (.255/.273/.529) replaced him. However bad (the disabled) Dan Wilson was, however useless (.139/.182/.181) Miguel Olivo may have been at the plate, can Santiago (.261/.391/.261) actually represent an upgrade? Well, maybe... but a 40-year-old catcher?

Nomo Leaves Game Early

Hideo Nomo left in the sixth in a game against the Chisox, clutching the back of his thigh. He will be evaluated later on Tuesday.

i've always had a soft spot for benito.

i watched the pirates' opener this season and saw him leg out a TRIPLE.

as bill plaschke would say:

40 year old catcher, indeed.

Well, Rob, when the other alternative is Wiki Gonzalez, Santiago doesn't look so bad.

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