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Friday, May 20, 2005

Pickoff Moves

The Urge To Outrage The Ladies' Aid Society

Yard Work AKA Baseball Tonight got into it for Hee Seop Choi recently, garnering enthusiastic endorsements from FJT and Concerned But Powerless. It's funny, to a point, but their profanity-laced writing reminds me too much of Eddie Murphy's less-than-comic triumphs; Tourette's Syndrome might work as a punchline, but it's painful in real life, and merely tedious as style.

Update: Touched a nerve, did we? And to think, a year ago the Dodgers blogiverse was such a quiet place.

OT: Promotional Stuff I Get, #302 In A Series: Devil Ducky

Devil duck

Devil Duck

I have no freaking idea what company it's for. None. One of those completely forgettable dot com company names that tells you zero about the company. The word "fire" appears somewhere in their name. Did any of those companies survive through handing out brilliant marketing goodies to potential customers? I doubt it, but I loved this one. (In the large image [what you get if you click on the one to the right], you'll see a Dodgers coke insulator for scale.)

Speaking Of Funny

Idiot Philip Michaels has silly things to say about Red Sox pitcher David Wells, but the best part is his updated Colonel Kurtz monologue at the end. And no, he doesn't remind me so much of this guy as this guy. Expect the goggles to appear any day now.

OT: Customizable Google

Google is starting to put together a customizeable version, not unlike My Yahoo. My Yahoo is still way cooler, of course, but I expect Google will give 'em a run for their money.

Good point about rampant profanity -- for the record, I found the plaintive wails of "Hee Seop" far funnier than "Jim Tracy's" rejoinder. Overall, though, the profanity binges are relegated largely to "Larry Bowa" and a few others. It's the site's spot-on parodies of writers of varying degrees of competence (like Gregg Easterbrook, Peter Gammons, Dan Shanoff, and the real BBTN crew) that really crack me up.
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6-4-2 vs. BBTN!
i love a good catfight!
i personally thought the tommy blog parody was hilarious. almost spit coffee all over the monitor.
One, two, three, four, I call a blog war!

Or something. Can't we all just get a bong?
Gosh, evidentally you either
a) ticked 'em off
b) sent 'em a whole bunch of traffic

... because a couple weeks ago I said the site needed an editor and didn't get so much as a "thankyouf***ymuch"

I agree with Vic, the Easterbrook is a spot-on parody, the Angell amusing.

(Of course, I know who's behind it -- in an Internet-y sort of way -- so I tend to give them a little more latitude. Sorry one of them apparently went a bit over the line.)
maybe you just don't get the Yard Work site. the profanity is not gratuitous and that particular blog is consistently innovative and hilarious. you do realize he (they) are channeling people, right? and the most recent one posted today....well, that's just priceless. I'll admit to not reading other team fan blogs but I'd be willing to bet that the writing on the Dodgers, in particular 6-4-2, fire jim tracy, dodger thoughts and dodger blues, is just about the best out there. though that chick that writes the Twins column is pretty good...Bat Girl i think she goes by. rgds, will PS: we must get rid of Tracy now! and Erickson while we're at it...

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