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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Pickoff Moves

Going crazy trying to keep up, especially with company over. Maybe I should take a hiatus like Jon... anyway...

Yankees 8, Angels 7

Aside from the obvious connection to the horrid game Thursday against the Blue Jays, this game was lost the moment Scioscia called in Frankie for five outs. I would have stayed with Peralta or even Woods, simply because Frankie was obviously tired. He threw thirty six pitches, only 15 of which landed for strikes. This game was winnable, Mike. This game was winnable.

By the way: about this: homers may not be a cure-all, but they sure as hell beat grounding out weakly to the second baseman:

Cabrera entered Saturday's game hitting .243 and was hitting .212 since June 15, but Scioscia is looking for that one trigger to get his offense back in line, and is hopeful this latest tinkering with the batting order will affect change.
No, because Cabrera is on an early slide that he is not going to recover from. Sorry, the "changing leagues" nonsense doesn't apply simply because he isn't.

Speaking of bad hitting, Vlad looked awful again, particularly against Chacon. One of these days, probably in late August after all hope has evaporated, they'll finally admit to his shoulder injury and that he needs rest for several months to recuperate.

Big Angel thanks to Alan Embree and Felix Rodriguez, both of whom are not exactly answers in the pen. When Josh Paul doubles and Juan Rivera homer, you know something's wrong. As the Rev put it, this game was gift-wrapped for the Angels; they just refused to accept it.


Cardinals 9, Dodgers 3

Ah, now that's the Dodgers I know and despise! Lowe leaving early, giving up a ton of earned runs, Carrara imploding, Broxton maintaining his 9.00 ERA... can we take that DFA of Erickson back now? The top three batters in the lineup going 1-12... great day, guys, great day.


Roster Notes

Mariners CF is Jeremy Reed, not Jody Reed.
It's Jeremey Reed, not Jody Reed.

And the Mariners just sent Winn to the Giants for Foppert and Torrealba.
Two innings and you want Erickson back? I know you're being facetious, but there are some things that just shouldn't be talked about.
J/K, Steve.
BTW, thanks for the corrections, guys.
Why was K Rod so tired? He had an easy eighth. Vlad looked mentally overmatched in his last AB.

This was the first Angels game I'd seen all year, and I came away lukewarm at best.
Frankie threw 32 pitches (IIRC) two days prior and was bound to be tired.

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