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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Seventy Nine Pitches: Yankees 8, Angels 7

That's all Bootcheck had thrown by the end of the sixth inning. So naturally, Scioscia calls in the bullpen.

Technically, Shields Gregg will get this loss. But it's really Scioscia's.

Update: Let's count the number of times this game was lost:

  1. Scioscia pulls Bootcheck at 79 pitches after the sixth. Let us give him a break for the moment; perhaps Bootcheck has a history of imploding in the seventh inning. After all, his 4.72 ERA record with Salt Lake didn't come out of nowhere.
  2. Darin Erstad allows a screaming ground ball to go through his legs in the bottom of the eighth. He looked, on that one play, like Jason Giambi. God help me.
  3. Scioscia allows Shields to throw in the 8th after he gave up a walk to Posada. Posada had been ineffective in the previous two games. I'm not sure I buy this, but I expect you'll hear a lot of guys complaining about it; but really, who else do you go to?
  4. Orlando Cabrera fails to field a routine ground ball. Yup, this was the killer. Stoneman's $32 million dollar boy botches a routine ground ball.
What an embarrassing game. What an embarrassing week. And here come the A's. Season, it was nice knowing you.


Season, it was nice knowing you.

Rob, you crack me up. You gave up on last season, too, and the Angels ended up winning the division.

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