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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

We Could Be Heroes

That should be Delwyn Young.

Delmon is his brother in the Tampa Bay organization.
I'm not excited about giving up 2 hits over only 5 IP. I've seen the kid pitch and he's somewhat impressive... so was his brother though. Pretty much the same stuff, I think. Jared will certainly have to have better control and economize his pitches if he's going to succeed.

Andy Wink
MVN - Twins Writer
Damn those Young brothers! Thanks for the catch.

Andy -- no kidding. I am a tempered optimist on Weaver, but the tempering factor is the consistent reports that his delivery precludes him learning certain breaking pitches, and that he's got command and mechanics issues that, say, Mark Prior did not. He certainly can't throw the mid-hundreds of pitches he was while pitching for CSULB and survive in the major leagues.

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