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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Don't Be Chicken, Click On Da Link

Longtime reader and sweater-over-last-minute-details Bruce forwards this Quicktime trailer for Chicken Little, including baseball, Vin Scully, and of course, CL himself. Charming!

that's cool that they're using the clip... but what on earth does baseball have to do with chicken little?? does the movie have nothing do to with the sky falling?
Somewhere that footage is used in the film, I'm pretty sure. Or at least, they spent a lot of time working on it if it ended up on the (virtual) cutting room floor...
Curse you, Rob! You should warn A's fans not to follow that link.
Hmmm... I'm not getting anything. The link would appear to be broken
Will look into it.
Looks like it's working for me on my wife's Mac... do you have QuickTime installed?
That's a scene from Chicken Little, with the soundtrack changed a bit!

Some Dodger fan somewhere in the promotions department must have put it together. It's easily everyone's favorite commercial for Chicken Little among the animation crew.
It's working just fine now.

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