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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pickoff Moves, Lunchtime Edition

Lawyer Sues Over Open Roof At Minute Maid Park

I thought it was lame, too, but this is amazing:
Houston attorney Lisa Sechelski is planning to file a class action lawsuit against Major League Baseball and Commissioner Bud Selig.

She claims some fans got sick because they weren't given adequate notice that the roof would be open and therefore, weren't prepared for temperatures in the 50's. Some think the lawsuit is a joke, but Sechelski says she's serious.

"They expected to go and enjoy a game instead they were met with conditions they weren't prepared for," said Sechelski.

"I'd be surprised if a judge let this case get very far. But again there may be facts that none of us know about," said U of H law professor Richard Alderman.

Via The Dugout, which I liked better when it was Astros Girl or some such.

Front Office Go-Round

Isn't It A Little Early To Declare D-Mac A Bust?

Not if you're Joe Sheehan, who declares McPherson's star to be on the decline. Wake me when he's had a healthy season.

Update: Correspondant Joe (apparently from the heretofore unknown Angels blog SoapBox Sports) thinks D-Mac looks more like "the next [Russell] Branyan". It seems fairly close when you look at it; Branyan's a free swinger who hit a ton in the minors but has never really translated that to major league success. He hit 40 homers in single-A Columbus in 1996, and in '97 he hit 39 dingers between two levels, single-A Kinston and AA Akron. And also like D-Mac, Branyan has had a history of injury dating to before he was even in the Show. In 1998, he injured his wrist and spent much of the year recovering. In a sense, he's never been the same player, although once more, he provides a useful warning for those who think Brandon Wood will be something useful unless he can cut down on his strikeouts.

The same is still true of Dallas McPherson. There's plenty of reason to believe D-Mac could get appreciably better in the Show -- he had back injuries throughout his career in the minors, and his hip surgery could be the fix for that -- but we still have to wait and see. As I told Joe, only 110 days until pitchers and catchers report.

You Can Ring That Pavlovian Bell: Free Agents List

At long last, the AP has a list of free agents, and of course acres to talk about; does Kevin Towers, assuming he's still the Padres GM by the time the dust settles, re-up their great closer, Trevor Hoffman? Do the A's even care about Octavio Dotel? Will somebody else pay for him to spend part of a season ineffective and possibly never be as good as he was before surgery again? Is Kevin Brown's career over? (Is the Pope Catholic?) Does anybody (aside from astonished Orioles fans, who are probably grateful he won't be in Baltimore next year) care if the Rocks sign Mike DeJean to a one-year deal?

Gotta love the positivity around here. Don't you think "bust" is a bit strong?
rob, have you seen this rumor?
No, but please, please, please let it be Steve Finley.
fins? it's supposed to help your performance, right?

i soooo hope it's sheff.
Of course it's supposed to help your performance. The guys who need it the most are the ones who are probably using... Palmiero is the first big name to get snagged, but IMO guys like Turnbow are probably more numerous. Who better than the struggling Steve Finley would be taking 'roids?
i was being facetious just to rub it in a bit... = )
i'm still hoping it's sheff, though.
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