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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Marathon: White Sox 7, Astros 5

Houston lost this one in the five-run fifth, stranding two and a half ballclubs worth of runners. Oswalt didn't have it tonight, and the Astros will have an entire offseason to wonder what might have been. Geoff Blum got to be the hero, and for once the Astros got the benefit of a bad call (a home run that wasn't quite over the yellow line). It didn't matter; the Chisox are a win away from their first title since 1917. At least we may say that, unlike last year, the games were entertaining.


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Houston lost this one in the bottom of the 9th with runners on first and third, 1 out, score tied and Tavares up. How could you not bunt there?
I thought that too, but that probably would have been a difficult squeeze play to execute against one of the best fielding teams in baseball. Not sure a rookie like Tavares could have pulled that off anyway.

What a tedious, tedious game, though. After the 5th, I never doubted the Sox would win this game. The way the Astros couldn't do anything with RISP inning after bloody innings just kind of emphasized the pathetic inevitability of it all. It stunk rich of Tracy-ball. :)

Both this and last year WS have been disasters saved by historical precedent. It makes me so glad that basketball season is just around the corner.

But I gotta tip my hat to the Sox. They've made everybody -- Angels, BoSox, Astros, umpires, really the game itself -- look inept and poorly run.

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