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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Minor League Free Agents

Baseball America published their list of six-year minor league free agents.


Pitchers: Catchers:

Emmanuel Santana: not sure this is correct, as the Cube says he's only been in the Angels system for a year. But then, their data is known to have holes.


Ivan Reyes: weak-hitting third baseman, formerly with the Yankees. Played some in indy ball. Beyond cheap/free/replacement.



Pitchers: Catchers:

Edwin Bellorin: weak-hitting, poor eye, must have some defensive value, else the Dodgers wouldn't have held on to him for so long. 23, so he's probably got some value in a system deprived of catching depth, if nothing else as an organizational player.


Jose Flores: infield depth purchased early on by DePodesta from the Oakland organization, he was the subject of some early bad doggerel around these parts. A 4-A type, he's never going to see a significant number of at bats, and probably will scurry off to whatever club needs a sixth infielder in their AAA club just in case.


There is no Victor Perez in the Dodger minor league system as far as I know. Maybe they meant William Juarez a pitcher obtained in the Green robbery.

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