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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Green Gone To Arizona

Shawn Green and the Diamondbacks have agreed to a 3-year, $30M deal, according to the AP.

ESPN, fix your fargin' website.

Update: on dodgers.com, $32M/3 years, with a fourth-year option for $8M. Also, the two throw-in pitching prospects have been named:

Now let's see: will Plaschke, Simers et al. blame DePo and the Parking Lot Owner for (a) spending too much on Lowe; (b) not spending enough on Beltre; (c) letting a fan favorite like Green go; (d) giving the D'Backs too much money for unproven prospects; (e) all of the above. It seems to me that DePo's trade of the Heart of the Team (tm) last year was a gutsy gamble, and even tho Penny got hurt, he is committed to seeing if Choi fulfills the promise that two other teams saw in him, and to shore up the rotation that was not ready for prime time. I see LA totally competitive with the Geritol Generation up north, and think the print media should give DePo a break. Time enough in June if we are ten games behind.
And yet, here we are five weeks or less from spring training with no signed coaching staff. Tommy Hawkins quit because no one contacted him about a new contract.

Rumour has it that the Dodger front office is in turmoil with no clear direction and a severe lack of communication.

Who has the reins????

"Alert the troops that communications have completely broken down!"

AHB -- I submit: if they had, how would you know?
Don -- I certainly understand the reasoning behind the Green trade -- he's overpriced and redundant, and the team needs pitching more than Green's risky bat. However, Choi remains in my mind an even bigger gamble. This will be the first season anywhere where he's ever been required to carry his position offensively. To say that I'm not concerned would be incorrect, but DePo's a smart guy -- generally -- and while I don't always agree with his moves, I do think he's at least coherently shifting the Dodgers to the kind of team he wants (higher OBP, revamped pitching, younger, younger, younger).

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