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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

No More Waiting, Chicago: White Sox 1, Astros 0

What a remarkably well-pitched game on both sides. It came down to Brad Lidge being unable to do what he's done all year, shut down the opposition, and Phil Garner even used him in an unconventional way by bringing him in early. Nonetheless, the game, the series, and the year is Chicago's. Congratulations to the Sox, who had a remarkable romp; I suppose from an Angels fan's perspective, I can take some solace in that the Angels were the only team to snatch a postseason win from the White Sox.

The Astros hadn't scored in their last 15 innings. Wow. But 88 years without a World Series win ended today.

And now to the offseason, and the pent-up announcements that will soon clutter the landscape.

Update: Wouldn't it be nice if, next year, they actually go to five games? This sweep stuff is getting pretty old, pretty fast.

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