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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Time Warner Cable, You Incompetent Jerks

We have no problems with Time Warner Cable all year long, and suddenly the idiots push the reset button on everyone's cable box. Now, not only can't we see the game, not only can't we get any channel but local access cable (all the local broadcasters are blanked), not only can't we get Time Warner Cable support (they clobbered everyone's cable, so the line gives an "all circuits busy" error), but MLB.com Gameday Audio got clobbered with some damn Spanish-language singer.

And on top of all of this, Gameday tells me the White Sox just went up 1-0 over the Astros. Cripes.

CRAZY game, man. ;)
"equipment failure". Apparently there's a number you can call for reimbursement (do they send you a copy of the game on DVD?)
Count me in the group that didn't see the end thanks to TW. I was able to get through to "customer service" but all I got was a "we're working on it, sorry."

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