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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pickoff Moves, Bedtime Edition

2005 World Series Worst-Rated Ever

Via BTF, it appears that the 2005 World Series is the lowest-rated ever. The previous record-holder was the 2002 Series. Too bad, because that was easily the most exciting series played out of the last half-decade or so, with the 2001 series right behind it.

Will Carroll, Rumormonger

Not really a rumor since he was involved in the proceedings, I guess, but in case you hadn't noticed in the comments of my lunchtime post, Will Carroll tags a postseason outfielder as having done steroids, someone with "a name we're actually going to care about". I don't, generally, but those who do may keep their ears pricked. And I agree with David Pinto, the likeliest candidate is Steve Finley.

Did You Really Think Ozzie Would Retire?

Heh, no.

F'r Chrissakes, Pick A Name And Stick With It

So now PacBell Park SBC Park AT&T Field (?) will host the Giants. I fairly expect a "For Rent" sign attached to the posterior of the Willie McCovey statue one day. Sheesh.

Giants Keep Five Vets

Moises Alou, Jason Schmidt, Randy Winn, LaTroy Hawkins, and Ray Durham will all return to the Giants in 2006.

In fairness to the Giants, not that I'm into that, the namechange each time has been due to the corporate sponsor changing their name. So it's not exactly liek they're whoring out to the highest bidder. They just did that once.
I'm betting the steriod victim is Sheffield. Just a guess.
mrjerz -- True, but that's also the problem with having a corporate sponsor. If said sponsor changes names (ala Pac Bell) or encounters "difficulties" (i.e., Enron), oops.

H -- yeah, I wouldn't be too surprised. But for now my money's on Steve Finley.

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