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Friday, November 04, 2005

Dodgers Re-Sign Cruz, Jr.

The Dodgers have re-signed Jose Cruz, Jr. to a one-year contract, terms unknown.

Update: ESPN reports it's $3.21 million, with a club option for $300,000.

i find this somewhat surprising, given that the team has decent OF depth in ledee, werth, and repko and needs to free up roster space before the rule 5. then again, i guess bradley is 100% gone.
I would say Repko is gone and Bradley could return.
possibly, but keeping bradley and his "character issues" is probably mccourt's (and his PR staffs') call. it wouldn't surprise me if bradley is gone as early as next week during the GM meetings. if so, the timing of cruz's signing makes sense.
I can buy that.
I think the outfield depth is as shallow as any in baseball.

* Drew has at least three chronic injuries.
* Bradley is an injured pariah, likely to be moved.
* Werth is injury prone.
* Ledee, a good fourth outfielder, has bad hammies, which is worrisome.
* Repko shouldn't be anything more than a defensive replacement, if that. He can't hit.

Signing Cruz is a start. I assume this means Drew plays CF until he gets hurt...

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