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Friday, November 04, 2005

More On The MissiNg GM

dodgers.com has more on the Kim Ng interview. Answering Jon's implied question --
Ken Mandel of MLB.com writes that the Dodgers will likely be among those pursuing free agent reliever Billy Wagner, who Mandel says is seeking a $30 million contract. I can't imagine how someone could speculate that the Dodgers, with no GM and $10 million invested in True Dodger Eric Gagne, are even thinking about Wagner. No source is given for the speculation.
-- it appears the correct answer is Kim Ng, who also handled the Dessens option. She will represent the Dodgers at the GM meetings, as well. If she does get the job, she'll have her hands full: not only will she have to find a replacement for herself, but she'll have to replace the manager, the entire coaching staff (or at least oversee the process), and coaches at the minor league level (recall 51's pitching coach Roger McDowell was tapped by the Braves for their major league job). First base coach John Shelby is expected to move to Pittsburgh along with Jim Tracy; whoever gets the GM chair will be a busy, busy bee for a while.

Wow. I have interviewed Ms. Ng for the Orange County Register. The elevator does not reach the top floor. If she wants to sign Billy Wagner, that would prove it.
You've interviewed Ms. Ng for the Register and came away with an unfavorable opinion? Please elaborate . . . .
i want to hear more about that elevator, too. your statement is the first i've heard that ng is anything but extremely sharp and capable.
Really? Crazy like a fox? Considering she beat Scott Boras at the arbitration game after Gagné had that brilliant 2003... well...
i hope that the elevator comment was actually referring to the fact that she's short.

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