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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Pickoff Moves, Bedtime Edition

Front Office Moves

Roster Moves

Reds Sold

Controlling interest in the Cincinnati Reds was sold to a group led by Robert H. Castellini. The old partners were expected to stay on in a minority capacity.

Wasn't Kim Ng hired by and a protege of the discredited Dan Evans?
Evans? Discredited? He had a plan and he stuck to it, and largely, it was the same plan DePodesta had, and if whoever comes in as the Dodgers GM is smart, it'll be the same plan they use: build up the farm and wait.
Kim Ng, unfortunately, is only being interviewed to fulfill the MLB minority requirement in interviewing.

Also, the McStupids can not afford to let her leave before they can actually scrape up a GM because SOMEBODY has to run the sinking ship (LaSordid has proved that he can not).

I fell sorry for Ng, Logan White and all true Dodgers fans.
What about Logan White for general manager? If I'm not mistaken, alot of gm's have come from the player development side of baseball operations.
Sandy Alderson being... well, not quite yet one, anyway.

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