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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dodgers Hire Grady Little As Manager

The Dodgers have hired Grady Little as their manager, according to Ken Rosenthal. Thanks for the tip, Rich.

Update: BTF thread; Dodger Thoughts thread.

Update 2: ... aaaand at MLB.com.

Since everyone expects me to have an opinion on this matter, I'll say this much: Little isn't terrible. He was forced in Boston to leave his starters in because management left him a less-than-ideal bullpen (so I recall), and supposedly isn't all that big a bunt-and-steal guy, good if your team isn't that speedy. (But then, why the rumors of a Dodger pursuit of Juan Pierre?) He might even be an incremental improvement over Jim Tracy; he earned multiple Manager of the Year awards in the minors. That may not be saying much; Jim Tracy did also. Regardless, this wasn't a bad choice, nor particularly was it a great one. Good things happen when you get to pencil in David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez into your lineup card. May the same thing happen with a healthy Jeff Kent and J.D. Drew.

I've got it already Rob. Don't even bother looking.
You'll have it deleted in a week, too.
By the end of the day. ;) Then you can have it.
I'm edging closer to becoming an Angels fan.
This isn't a bad choice. Nothing spectacular, but it seems pretty safe to me. I have to say, that after the disarray involving the Tracy and Depo firings I was pretty pessimistic. But, so far, I think Colleti (and McCourt to a certain degree) has handled himself pretty well. I'm not yet sure what to make of his moves, and I don't yet have any idea what the grand plan is. But, objectively, his decisions haven't been any crazier than what Depo did, and I think most of us didn't understand Depo's plan even after two years. So, I guess, now I'm slightly optimistic? We'll just have to see how the rest of the winter goes, but at least there aren't obvious signs for despair.
It's a very good choice. When the Red Sox signed David Ortiz, Ortiz tried to smallball a runner over in one of his first spring training games. Little called him over after the inning and told him "you're not here to do that"
Little took Derek Lowe from the bullpen and he went 38-15 over two years as a starter. 'Nuff Said.
Rob --

As far as the lack of a strong bullpen goes, Timlin/Embree/Williamson were pitching insanely well during that championship series.

As far as the season goes, he just wasn't that good at in-game decision making. He could piece together a lineup though, even if I don't agree with his choice of #2 batters.

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