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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Pickoff Moves

What, there's something besides trades and trade rumors going on? Jes' a little bit...

Rule 5 Draft Preview

Bryan Smith has his Rule 5 draft preview up at the Baseball Analysts. No names I knew, so it's all good.

OT: It's Terry-ble In Its Beauty

Matt Welch's stunning, gawjus wife Emmanuelle has a site redesign on her bilingual blog that includes a mast by the immensely talented cartoonist Terry Colon. You can vote for her blog in this year's incarnation of some-or-other blog awards. Incidentally, Jim Turner wrote in about my comments regarding the temporality of their awards... seems they've changed addresses without leaving a forward. Oops. And what's this?

Roster Notes

Damn, there's a lot of these...

In Which Philip Michaels Beats Plaschke To Plaschke's Deadline


Here's a Rosenthal rumor about Dodgers and Soriano: The Dodgers' willingness to increase payroll apparently did not end with their signing of free-agent shortstop Rafael Furcal to a three-year, $39 million deal. The Dodgers are discussing a trade in which they would acquire Rangers second baseman Alfonso Soriano for minor-league pitching prospect Jonathan Broxton. The Dodgers apparently would move Soriano to left field, but the trade is not close to completion. The Rangers are working on other deals as well.

Jayson Stark counters with this: "Did someone say they also needed a first baseman? There were rumblings -- later denied -- that the Dodgers had talked with Texas about a deal that would send hulking 6-foot-4, 240-pound pitching prospect Jonathan Broxton to the Rangers for Alfonso Soriano. L.A. then would have moved Jeff Kent to first and given Cesar Izturis all the time he needs to recover from Tommy John surgery."

Thanks for that.
Would you buy.....growing pains? I'd fire the help but they do it for free. Okay it sucks....but I'm a Rockies fan...what do you expect?
The Rockies have fans?
Hey Rob the site is up and nominations are taking place now!
Confused am I.

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