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Monday, January 09, 2006

Furcal To Have Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

First Jeff Kent has wrist surgery, then we discover that the Dodgers' newest expensive addition, shortstop Rafael Furcal, will have arthroscopic knee surgery. Colletti now tells us that he knew about the condition prior to the signing:
"It hindered him last season a bit and he had it drained a few times. But it gave us no concern," Colletti said during a conference call. "We knew there was a possibility he would need a little cleanup on it at some point in time."
Thus starts the cycle of lies: minimizing the damage, the press report that tells us he'll be ready in time for spring training, and so forth. I've said before that this team is as vulnerable as the 2005 squad was to injury; we may get to see just how right I am.

Update: Now on MLB.com.


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