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Monday, February 20, 2006

Pickoff Moves

Today's Birthdays

Here's a featurette that somebody suggested a while back: player birthdays in both teams' histories. It's all a matter of automation, so here we go:

Charlie Babb BRO b. 1873, played 1904-1905, d. 1954-03-19
Jack Bolling BRO b. 1917, played 1944, d. 1998-04-13
Clyde Wright CAL b. 1941, played 1966-1973

Wish I could remember who it was that suggested it... anyway, look for these updates in this space every day!

Not An Average Jered

There'll be no punishment for Jered Weaver from the Angels:
After conducting their own investigation, the Angels decided not to discipline Jered Weaver for a Feb. 9 incident in which the pitching prospect was cited for public intoxication in Long Beach, but Manager Mike Scioscia did provide some counseling for the right-hander.

"He said you're not an average Joe from Simi Valley anymore," said Weaver, who met Sunday morning with Scioscia, General Manager Bill Stoneman and pitching coach Bud Black.


"That's not to say I'm a standout or anything, but people are going to know who you are when you hang out. Just keep it to a minimum, have your few and go home. Try to stay out of harm's way is what I guess he was trying to tell me."

Weaver was exiting the Basement Lounge in Long Beach and said he felt "antagonized" by a bar manager who was ushering a large number of patrons out the door. Weaver also believed he was "singled out" by the officer who cited him.


"Bad things happen sometimes; you've got to learn from it and move on," Weaver said. " … I apologize to the team if it was a burden on anyone. It's definitely not going to happen again. I learned my lesson."

Scioscia: Morales "A Stretch" To Make The Big Club

In that same article, Mike Scioscia said Kendry Morales would be "a stretch" to make the major league club out of spring training this year.
Though Scioscia believes the switch-hitting Morales has an "explosive" bat with 30-homer potential, "You can also see some things he needs to work on to hit major league pitching," Scioscia said. "This guy needs experience."

Milton Bradley Tells Bay Area Beat Writers To Buzz Off

On his first day in an A's uniform, no less.

A's Unlikely To Re-Sign Zito

Not a surprise, but in that same article, A's GM Billy Beane suggested the team won't be able to re-sign starter Barry Zito.
"When you look at last year's free-agent market, you'll see the going rate for a pitcher is prohibitive, and Barry would have been the best guy out there. ... The fact is, if Barry's contract comes to an end, he's going to be an attractive free agent and it's going to be a challenge for anyone to sign him, let alone the A's."

Is Andre Ethier Glad To Be A Dodger?

And be in the Show? You bet:
"The A's had already added me to the 40-man roster and told me what they were looking for from me in spring training," said Ethier, who reported to camp on Sunday. "I hadn't heard any trade talks involving me, and neither had my agent. The only thing I was upset about was that I wouldn't be going to spring training at home in Phoenix anymore.

"But when I sort of re-examined the situation, I realized how many guys, not only in minor-league baseball but just 18-to-35-year-olds in general, would love to be doing this and to have the opportunity I have. I'm just proud to wear the uniform and play the game."

Ethier will be joined in camp by fellow Dodgers prospects Matt Kemp and Andy LaRoche. Just before the trade, they were his teammates with the Phoenix Desert Dogs, who won the Arizona Fall League title in November.

"I was sad to say goodbye to those guys, but I didn't realize we would be teammates again in just a couple of weeks," Ethier said.

that was me who suggested the birthday idea, but i'm just ripping it off from The Hardball Times - their list isn't complete though, so i'm glad to see it here. (well, the Angels part anyway).

on a sad note, i see Curt Gowdy just died - he came to the NBC Game of the Week right about the time i started watching in the second half of the '60's, so i certainly have some good memories of him.

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