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Sunday, February 19, 2006

YES Network Trumps ESPN Ratings

The Yankees' YES Network had higher daily ratings than ESPN in that market, according to Jon Friedman at MarketWatch.
It has been the most-watched regional sports network in the U.S. the past three years, and topped ESPN in 2005 to become the most-watched sports network in New York during the primetime hours. The reason for its success is clearly the Yankees. The team -- which boasts such stars as matinee idol and backbone Derek Jeter, 2005 Most Valuable Player Alex Rodriguez and Japanese export Hideki Matsui -- has reached the playoffs in every season since 1995. It boasts four World Series victories over that span (no other team has won more than two). Yes airs about 130 of the team's games a year.

Perhaps ESPN should abandon their nonstop coverage of the Yansox rivalry as the only baseball story on the planet and fortify their ratings elsewhere.
In NY, it's all about NY. They have a very egocentric view of the world. This report is not a surprise to me. Unless ESPN played reruns of old NY glory days, there's no way they could out-program YES in the NY market.
this isn't a shock, it's practically a religion there. The most disgusting thing I heard in my few years of living in NJ was before Clemens faced the Sox in an attempt for his 300th win: the ads (featuring Charlie Steiner) were selling it as a win before the game happened, which made the fact he didn't get the win more delicious for me. The only thing more repulsive than the local coverage of the Yankees is the local coverage of the Knicks.

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