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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Slightly OT: Four LA Things

From the Rev (who got it from Matt Welch):

Four Jobs I've Had in my Life in L.A.:

Four Movies About LA I Could Watch Over and Over: Four Places I've Lived All Over L.A. (With Food Memories From Each):

Trick question: I've never lived in LA proper. Here's the pro forma answers of places I have lived near the LA Metroplex:

Four LA-Themed Shows I Love(d) to Watch:

That's either three or five, depending on whether you believe the Jack Webb shows count as different shows.

Four LA-Based Websites I Visit Daily:

That's five...

Four of my Favorite Foods Found in LA:

Four Places in LA I Would Rather Be Right Now:

Aside from the commute, I like where I am. So I'll say the Westside or Culver City area and take a pass.

Four People To Plague With Furthering This Harrassment

Because I know there's zero chance of them doing this:

pricegrabber is awesome; i use it for all my major electronics purchases.
(btw, where is taco surf? i grew up in garden grove, but it was the other side of town near fountain valley and westminster. i'm always on the lookout for a good tacqueria though)
Taco Surf locations include Seal Beach and Los Alamitos.
I was always partial to Mykelti Williamson's "Fearless" character in Boomtown. But the writers were the real stars of that show, and there hasn't been a drama on network tv of that caliber since.
Yeah, he was great, too. But I'd have to disagree with you about there not being anything on TV as good since: Battlestar Galactica.
I have to disagree, as well. I have never seen anything as good on TV as Lost (although, Firefly was close...it just did not last long enough to fully mature).
I haven't given Battlestar a chance, can't get past the Sci Fi Channel thing,(and I used to work there). And Lost seems to have 'lost' their way. - Two of the better writers have left the show David Fury and Javier Grillo-Marxuach. (I still watch though.)
Wow, your first job listed there sounds a lot like mine at Seasonal Auto Body -- assessments(lies) about body damage, ordering up parts from the parts stores, filling out double invoices on everything, listening to my corrupt boss give me lectures about Christian morality, etc.
That Denny's is where Linda Sobek met her killer about 10 years ago.

The best Mexican food in L.A. County is at Babita in San Gabriel, on San Gabriel Blvd. They do a Chiles en Nogada that will blow you away.
Crash is definitely on my mind since i watched it last night as my token tribute to Oscar. reminded me of another LA movie, Grand Canyon. the list of LA movies is endless the more i've thought about it today , how 'bout Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure: San Dimas High school fottball rules!
Marty -- yeah, I remember that. I recall thinking at the time that it was some kind of karmic payback, only the blowback went into the lap of some unintended stranger, like a ricocheting bullet missing the gangbanger and hitting his five-year-old sister. They closed five years ago or more. Good.
thanks, rob!!

personally, i like taco mesa (in tustin or orange i think) and alerto's in westminster (there are 2 locations on brookhurst). alerto's is the place to go for a straightforward, no-BS carne asada that's really good and very authentic.
Vishal -- Knowing you're a Dodger fan and an ardent Angel-hater, it won't help you -- unless maybe you go to Angels Stadium to see the A's -- to know there's a great little Mexican place across from the stadium that the Rev turned me on to, Fresca's Mexican Grill. Great prices, great food, and walking distance to the park, plus the parking lot behind them is the easiest entrance/exit for the stadium, better than the stadium lot and about the same price.
For great inexpensive Mexican food in the O.C., Taco Mesa is the place to go. There's one on 19th St. in Costa Mesa in a former Taco Bell. There's another, I think, on E. Chapman in Orange . . . .

Wahoo's and Baja Fish Tacos are the best for fish tacos in the O.C. (if you prefer grilled to deep fried).
hah! i have made it out to some angel games in the past couple of years, but you're right, i usually go when oakland is in town so i can root for the A's. it's always fun to head over there with my A's hat and barry zito shirt on and get heckled. :)

but next time i go i'll check out fresca's.

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