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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pickoff Moves

Today's Birthdays

Joey Eischen LAN b. 1970, played 1995-1996

Dave Hollins ANA b. 1966, played 1997-1998, All-Star: 1993. Whenever I see an All-Star, I have to pause and wonder whether the player's a legit All-Star or one of those every-team's-gotta-have-one varieties. Hollins was one of the former on the '93 Phillies team that almost went all the way, but found the Blue Jays in the World Series there to impede their progress. Fluking his way into 27 dingers in his 1992 campaign, the third baseman never again hit near that many; in Angels lore, he became the guy Troy Glaus replaced at third.

Joe Judge BRO b. 1894, played 1933, d. 1963-03-11

Sean Maloney LAN b. 1971, played 1998

Verisimilitude: Dodgers 7, Rockies 1

Aaron Sele, thief in the night, has stolen another game; but consider this. Over the last three years, he's 17-14 before the All-Star break with a 4.74 ERA, but he's got a 5-13 record with a 6.67 ERA after it. As well as things are going for him now, the likelihood of him imploding is a near certainty; the question for the Dodgers is, when will it start? Odalis Perez's uncertain status will cause him to rust in the bullpen, and he'll be terrible when the Dodgers need him in a few weeks to replace Sele.

But ignoring the pitching for now, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at doing something for the Dodgers that Angels blogger Bjoern recently did for the Angels, and review the types of batted balls the Dodgers are getting:

In short, it does appear that the Dodgers' streak lately has been fueled by a fair amount of luck on batted balls, but not overly so. If the Dodgers can stay healthy — and this is a big if — the division isn't an implausible goal.


Vero Starts Looking For A Dodgers Replacement

The Times notes that Vero Beach has started looking for a possible replacement for the Dodgers in spring training; every day it sounds like a move to Arizona is more and more plausible.

Roster Notes

DAVE HOLLINS - what made him special was doing what he did as a diabetic. Umpires would allow clubhouse attendants to rush out small packs of energy gel to tide him over during long innings at 3B.
Ah, but the greatest diabetic third baseman has to be the Cubs' Ron Santo; I seem to recall that Bill James called him the greatest third baseman never to make the Hall, and the most overqualified.
BABIP, LD, blah blah. It's guys like you who manage to squeeze the last drop of fun from baseball with all your maddening numerical analyses. Not EVERYTHING can be quantified into statistics, and not every statistic is as meaningful as you'd like it to be. Why can't you just sit back and enjoy the Dodgers' recent success?
Wow, what a jerk!

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