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Monday, October 30, 2006

What They Think Of Bochy In SF

Here's a pretty funny piece on Bruce Bochy in a Giants uniform from McCovey Chronicles. Excerpt:
Point:  Aarrrrrgfggggggggaaahaaaggggg!

Counterpoint: Whoa. You alright?

Point:  Gaaaaarrrrrrhrhrrrr!

Counterpoint: Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

Point:  The Giants...just hired...Bruce Bochy...to be their manager.

Counterpoint: Oh. Not bad.

Point:  Not bad? Not bad? You can't be serious. I thought that you didn't want a retread?

Counterpoint: Retread, to me, means a manager that's worn out his welcome everywhere he's been. In every city, he leaves a wake of disgruntled fans and a wake of disgruntled players. Bochy doesn't fit that description.

Point: Whatever. If you're satisfied with mediocrity, be my guest. Pull up a seat on the train to San Mediocre, with a few stops along the way at Badville, Wretchedsburg, and Veteran Footsie Town. This doesn't fit with a New Direction.


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