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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kendry Morales Homers Three Times In DWL Action

Kendry Morales homered three times in a single game, driving in five runs on Tuesday for Cibao of the DWL. He increased his season home run total to five, and no one else in the league has more than three.

So, what should the Angels do about 1st base for 2007? Seems only logical to let Morales, Kotchman, and McPherson fight for it, with Quinlan backing up. Or do you see a potential trade or free agent taking up that space? Personally I'd save the millions and let the kids fight for it.
Absolutely. Send the kids into a locked room, er, spring training, with a bunch of bats and see who comes out alive.
why even dicuss Mcpherson @ 1st isn't he a 3rd baseman?


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