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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Rosenthal: Dodgers Get Their Schmidt Together, Sign Lieberthal, Too

A little late with this one, because I was on the road when it was announced: Ken Rosenthal says the Dodgers and Jason Schmidt have agreed to a 3-year/$47M deal (also via dodgers.com). Will Carroll claims he turned down offers from the Cubs and Cardinals (and according to Tim Brown, the Mariners) to sign in Los Angeles.

Schmidt's reputation as a fragile ace is well-earned, though he did manage 213 innings last year. The duration of the contract strikes me as pretty reasonable considering the market. More love (or not) at Blue Notes and Dodger Thoughts.

Also, the Dodgers made the Mike Lieberthal signing official (also via ESPN). No terms yet on that deal.

Update: Also via the Times, who claims the Dodgers are close to a deal with Luis Gonzalez, who would prefer to stay in the NL West.

Update 2: Nate Silver looks into the Schmidt deal, and hints that he might be overpaid, though I basically agree with Will Carroll's comment (see his 2:00 post):

It's worth noting that Ned Colletti once again beat out other teams by going more dollars for fewer years; Schmidt's agent was lobbying hard for a guaranteed fourth year, and it didn't happen.
Money isn't as important as years, and it's good to see Colletti was able to make this strategy work for the Dodgers. Again, I'm skeptical that even a couple years hence that we'll be able to be so sanguine about the financial health of the game, but for now, a not bad signing.

Outstanding line there Rob - "Dodgers get their Schmidt together"
Amused easily here I guess!

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