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Thursday, March 01, 2007

I May Just Have To Buy Gameday Audio

'Cause it looks like it's working for this morning's Dodger exhibition game. I've usually had trouble with Linux in the past, so woot!

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Hi -- how lucky to meet a linux-using Dodger fan! I just googled "FC5" and "Gameday Audio" -- because I just tried for the first time this year, and got an error message: "Totem could not play fd://0", then something about only finding a subtitle stream. So it appears that when the web page is asking for mplayer, that Firefox is giving it a totem plugin, and that totem doesn't understand the stream being fed to it.

Any idea what you have that is working?

I've been following my beloved Dodgers on Gameday Audio since it came into existence about five years ago -- the first couple of years it was a simple RealAudio stream that played perfectly in linux -- but for the past couple of years I've had to boot a windows machine to hear the games.

I'll have a more thorough response posted in a few minutes, Bob.

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