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Monday, April 09, 2007

CONFIRMED: Angels @ Cleveland To Be Played In Milwaukee

Correspondant Brian (Clevinger?) relays an ESPN Radio report that the Angels series at Cleveland will be moved to Milwaukee due to inclement weather. Cra-zee if true.

The AP is currently reporting that the Seattle series is indeed postponed, with dates to be announced. (Here's the Cleveland Indians press release.)

Update: The Cleveland Plain Dealer confirms the report; the series will be played in Milwaukee (more here, and at the Press-Enterprise.)

Update 2: Here's the Cleveland Indians press release about the move. No word about whether tickets for the original series will be honored, but this would seem to have the same problems as the other solution, mitigated a bit by not having to play so far from home for the Indians. Nonetheless, I do have to wonder whether this will be considered their home opener (probably not, even though the Tribe will be the home team in this series), and just how many people will show up for the series. If I were retired, I might just think about going to Milwaukee for a game or two.

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The Tribe's home opener was Friday against Seattle. They played four innings before the game was called. I doubt they're going to repeat the home opener ceremonies in Milwaukee, or in Cleveland, for that matter.
Ah, I missed that... thought they missed Friday's game, too.
Friay's game did turn out to be a non-event, because it is not an official game.

The Indians were one strike away from a victory with two out in the top of the 5th when it was called. of course Seattle had the bases loaded too and it was really a blizzard, so i can't fault any one for calling it, especially after almost 3 hours of delays. But just one last strike was needed to hang an "L" on a division rival.

it doubly sucked for the Tribe as in that game Victor Martinez got hurt and might go on the DL.

And if i were the Tribe, for marketing purposes, i'd certainly call their next Cleveland game "The Opener" since officially, they haven't had a home game yet.

it must have been another Brian (C?) that passed on the travel plans - i just got up.
Finally, and Angels game in my area! I am gonna try to make it to all three.
I want pix!
I'm probably going to try to make it to one as well. Probably Wednesday, if I go.
Seitz, we'll have to try to meet up. I'll be wearing my Angels 2002 World Series Championship hat.
According to Bud Selig (who was visiting the booth during the Cin/Ari game last night) All seats are going to be $10 for this series in Mil!
$11 with service charge included. Just bought tickets for tonight's game.

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