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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Angels Trade Jose Molina To Yankees For Minor League Pitcher

The Angels have traded Jose Molina to the Yankees for minor league relief prospect Jeff Kennard. Kennard was 1-4 with a 2.73 ERA in 31 relief appearances at Double-A Trenton. Stats: Baseball Cube; MILB.com. Welcome to the Texas League, kid. And, here's your chance, Mr. Mathis. Don't blow it.

Update: Jeff Mathis is the Angels' reserve catcher? Is Bill Stoneman crazy?

More at MLB.com.

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this is a good move i think. Molina was going to be gone by the end of the year and Scioscia knows his catchers. it will give Mathis some time to feel at ease and show us his promise. if it doesn't pan out, we'll know for sure a hole to fill in the off-season.

The only question is 'Will it cost us the AL West?' Mathis is known so far primarily for his defense, and losing Jose and his .220 average with no power i can't see as costing us offensively.

Stoneman has let a lot of pieces go - the only one we can say we regret with 20-20 hindsight is losing Glaus. He hasn't gotten a ton of talent in return, but it's not like we are missing any young infielders, bullpen help, or aging veterans.

About ten days to go - let's see if Bill has any others tricks up his sleeve, but i'd rather Nap's days off go to Mathis than Molina.
It might work. I'm very skeptical.
You're skeptical? No way!!

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